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With the recent BT Versatility End of Sale. BT will try to sell their old BT Versatility customers the BT Quantum Telephone System. We Have a Much Better & Cheaper System.

Click Here to see our Great LG-Ericsson IPECS Telephone System.

With over 30 Years experience in Telecommunications we can offer everything you need for installation, maintenance and support for the BT Versatility Telephone System.

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BT Versatility is Britains fastest selling communication system ever, using low-cost phone lines with  Broadband Voip Lines and shared access to network resources for voice and data, email and Internet applications.

****Our BT Versatility Systems Now With Latest Version Firmware 915****

It is perfect for small businesses that want a communication system to work harder, especially now that you can:

  • Use the Internet to save money on making calls
  • Take the power of office communications to colleagues working at home or remotely

We Stock NEW and REFURBISHED BT Versatility Telephones

check prices or BUY Online   £15.99

If you are a small business looking for communications for anywhere between 2 and 40 users, BT Versatility is the one for you (and with the additional BT Versatility Broadband Module you could increase this to 52).

You can start with a couple of lines, Analogue, Digital or Voip, confident that as you grow and develop, your communications can grow with you. Once you have chosen BT Versatility, simple 'snap in' modules let you install extra lines and more powerful tools and features later on, without having to take your system off the air. The BT Versatility is a future proof Telephone System.

BT Versatility Complete Packages from  £196

More Information & 
BUY Online

The package includes:

  • BT Versatility Telephone System
  • BT Versatility V8 Telephones
  • Version 902 Firmware
  • 8 Hybrid Extensions (system phones or basic)
  • 2 port voicemail card (If Chosen)
  • Line Cards
  • System Manuals
  • PC Programming Lead and Software
  • Expansion cards (If More than 4 lines or 8 Extensions)

Buying a System Bundle made easy.

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